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Severe (Sandy conditions)

Severe (Sandy conditions)

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Severe– finally, a true perennial food plot mix that is designed specifically for dry, droughty, sandy conditions. Severe is made up of 8 different forages that are all very drought tolerant and will persist year-after-year where most perennial mixes will not survive. The agronomists at Whitetail Select looked to the western climate technology to develop this outstanding mix of different classes of forages. These forages are designed to persist through dry conditions and on less than desireable soil types. Even though Severe is one of the only food plot mixes that will endure dry conditions, taste and attractiveness has not been overlooked. The palatability, or taste, and digestibility of Severe is as good, or better than the rest of the industry leading Whitetail Select brands. If you are struggling with sandy, dry soil types and perennial mixes have not been lasting more than a year or two, Severe will give you the best chance to provide year around attraction in a perennial food plot that will provide maximum palatability, digestibility and high protein forage to attract and produce a healthier deer herd with larger antler potential.

Planting Dates:
Northern U.S. Early Spring (April or Early May) or Late Summer (August)
Midwest  Early Spring (April)  or Later Summer (August-Early September)
Southern U.S. Early Spring (March or Early April) or Early Fall (September)
Note : Late Summer or Early Fall plantings are usually more successful on light, sandy soils.

1/5 acre        3 lbs for larger areas 

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