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Infinity-  the award winning mix of 7 clovers, 2 alfalfas and a little chicory.  This Premium mix of low fiber, high sugar content, high protein, perennial clovers and alfalfa will Last Longer, Yield More, Taste Better, and Attract Longer than any other perennial clover mix available.  Unlike the leading brands, there are no short living clovers in the Infinity brand and the varieties of clovers that are in Infinity will stay green year-around and attract deer throughout the fall and winter better than the leading brands.

Planting Dates:

Northern U.S.:  Early Spring (April or Early May) or Late Summer (August)

Midwest: Early Spring (April)  or Later Summer (August-Early September)

Southern U.S.:  Early Spring (March or Early April) or Early Fall (September)

½ acre           4.5 lbs For larger quantity! 

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