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Fall Slam

Fall Slam

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Fall Slam-  is our Turnip/Brassica mix that is MUCH MORE than just late season attracting brassicas.  Fall Slam will provide the late season attraction from the brassicas that you are use to seeing, as well as earlier season attraction from the fast growing clovers that will be growing along with the leafy brassica forages.  We weren’t happy with a food plot that would only attract deer in the late season so we developed our Fall Slam around fast growing, attractive clovers that will give your deer a reason to be in your Fall Slam plot on October, November, December and January.
Fall Slam is like a turnip food plot on steroids!

Planting Dates:
Northern U.S. Late Summer (Late July or August)
Midwest         Late Summer (August)
Southern U.S. Early Fall (Late August or September)

  • 2/3 acre        4 lbs for larger areas 

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