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Amax Plus

Amax Plus

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A-Max Plus -will provide the Best Early Season, Mid Season and Late Season attraction that is possible with annual forages.  A-Max Plus is the best-of-the-best annual forages for whitetail deer, in one package, for one food plot.  In keeping up with the Whitetail Select reputation for industry leading quality we did not want to leave out any of the best annual forages.  A-Max Plus is a Smart-Plant package of large seeds and small seeds that co-packed in one package.

First are the large seeds that consist of the famous Fall Forage Oats, Forage Soybeans and the sweetest, best tasting Forage Winter Peas available.  The small seed package holds the fastest growing annual clovers along with turnips and brassicas.

When planted in late summer the winter peas and forage soybeans provide the best possible attraction for early season while the clovers, winter oats and brassicas are getting established.

As the season goes on the clovers and Fall Forage Oats keep the deer coming to the same plot through late season when the brassicas then hit their peak attractiveness.

The Smart-Plant package allows the best possible planting for the perfect blend of the best annual forages.  The Large seeds are packaged separately and can be lightly tilled or planted into the soil at 1-1.5 inch soil depth.  After the large seeds are planted the Small Seeds can be simply broadcasted on top of the soil and packed.  This allows for perfect seed depth and even emergence for the perfect FULL SEASON ATTRACTION annual food plot.

If you want a food plot that grows fast and attracts deer at the beginning of season and at the end of season, A-Max Plus is for you.Planting Dates:
  • Northern U.S. Late Summer (August)
  • Midwest Late Summer (August-Early September)
  • Southern U.S. Early Fall (September)

1/5 acre        8 lbs for larger areas! 

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